SPC flooring

SPC is short of Stone Plastic Composite (as well as Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring) which has a rigid core and a form of vinyl material. It makes the flooring has an excellent choice for perfect water proof performance and high-traffic areas in your home.SPC is similar to luxury vinyl flooring in how it’s constructed, but it has a little bit difference compared with LVT.

The SPC flooring is constructed by UV film topcoat , wear layer , decor film , rigid core and bottom layer. The SPC flooring brings you better durability and water-resistance performance,easier for installation and maintenance.

SPC flooring (Rigid Core Flooring) stands for Stone Plastic Composite. The main component is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+ PVC Powder + Stabilizer. It is much more stable, waterproof, fire resistant


  • Pure Raw Material With Strict Control, Ensure The Health Of Each User.
  • Fireproof, Waterproof, Moistureproof, Mildewproof. Absolutely Outstanding Performance For Any Occasion.
  • The PU Material Coating Enhance The Flooring Intensity And Anti-Scratch Property, More Service Lifetime.
  • Water Resistant Anti-Bacterial Easy To Clean And Maintain Easy To Install Eco-Friendly

SPC flooring by office

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SPC flooring by Gym

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SPC flooring by Home

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